I. About EFA Studio Program Membership:
Membership is available to artists through an application and selection process. Members receive a private studio for a period of up to two years that is subsidized at below market cost. Membership renewal is possible after two years through a reapplication process.

All studios are located in the EFA Center at 323 West 39th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues in Midtown Manhattan.

Description and Cost
Studios range in size from 200 to 440 square feet. Ceilings are 11′ high. Membership fees vary according to the size and shape of the studio assigned to the artist and the artist’s demonstrated financial need. Subsidized membership fees range from $598 to $1976 per month. In addition, each member pays a monthly due of $80.00. The EFA Center is equipped with passenger and freight elevators, shared restroom facilities, wash sinks, and common areas with a coffee maker, sink, refrigerator and microwave oven. All studios have free access to the Internet via an Ethernet connection. Normal usage of heat, air-conditioning, electricity and common areas are included in the monthly membership dues. Access to studios is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visual artists working in all forms of media are eligible. The program is designed for artists with a developed studio practice and career. Applicants cannot be enrolled in a college or university degree-granting program. Certain types of work cannot be accommodated for practical reasons, including large or heavy sculptures, some types of metal work, and work involving high noise levels or fire risk. Applications are judged solely on the quality of the work as presented. EFA does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation or marital status. Artists must be citizens of the United States, or must be legal U.S residents during their tenure.

Deadlines and Notification Process
All applications must be submitted online by or before December 15, 2020. All applicants will receive an automatic email response after successfully completing their application. All applicants will be notified by email by March 1, 2021 of the outcome of their application. Please do not call the office for selection results.

Composition of the Artistic Merit Selection Panel
The Artistic Merit Selection Panel is a five-person, independent panel of prominent artists and art professionals. Members of the Panel change for each intake process.

II. Application Instructions:
Applicants must submit their full application online. You must read all instructions thoroughly and adhere to the requirements.

All applications will include the following:

  • Work Samples (10 images or 3 minutes of video)
  • Image List
  • Current Resume
  • Explanation of Work

 Work Samples
Applicants Submitting Images:

  • All images should be in jpeg format.
  • Maximum size: 1000 pixels in any direction. This is the optimal size for good image quality and fast upload.
  • Save each image as: "yourlastname_yourfirstname_01" (ex. Smith_Jane_01.jpg, Smith_Jane_02.jpg, etc).
  • NO captions or descriptive text is allowed to identify the artwork or the artist on the images or video.

 Applicants Submitting Video:

  • Video samples must include a link (URL) to a 3-MINUTE video WITHOUT the artist’s name.
  • You may submit a link to a video posted on any website, including YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Just make sure that there are no privacy settings prohibiting the viewing of the video. If there is a password, PLEASE include it in the space provided.
  • The panel will only watch the first 3 minutes of the video submission. DO NOT include your name in your title image or in the credits of your time based piece.

 Applicants will remain anonymous to the Artistic Merit Selection Panel who will be judging the work.

Here is a page explaining private videos on
...and for Vimeo:
***Please note that the Artistic Merit Selection Panel will review only one format: images or video for each candidate.

Image List
You will be prompted to enter the title, date, medium, and dimensions for all images submitted. For video submissions, please include the title, duration and description of the sample provided.

Please submit your current resume. Save your Resume as a .doc or .pdf  file as: “yourlastname_yourfirstname_Resume” (ex. Smith_Jane_Resume)

Explanation of Work
In 250 words or less describe the work you have submitted for review.

III. Review Process:
New Member applications are processed in three phases.

Phase 1: Open Call and Review of Submissions
The Artistic Merit Selection Panel will meet in February 2021 to review applications submitted to the EFA Studio Program during the open call. Each applicant’s images will be projected one-by-one, in the order in which they are labeled. If reviewing a video submission, the Panel will only watch the first 3 minutes. While viewing the work, members of the Panel may ask to hear more information about the work presented, which is read from the provided image list or explanation of work. The Panel will judge the artistic merit of the work as presented. Applicant names are not disclosed to the panel during the selection process. Each applicant is represented by a number to ensure anonymity and focus on the work. After reviewing the work of all applicants through four or five rounds, the Panel will submit a list of recommended finalists to the EFA Studio Program.

Phase 2: Selection of Finalists and Alternates
Applicants chosen as finalists by the Artistic Merit Selection Panel will be notified by email or mail by March 1, 2021 and invited to EFA for a membership interview. They will be asked for the following additional application materials at that time:

  • Two Letters of Reference: One reference to demonstrate financial responsibility (e.g. a landlord) and one reference to demonstrate commitment to a professional art career.
  • Statement of Intent: A statement indicating why you are applying for Studio Program membership.
  • Financial Information: If you are applying for a subsidized space you will be required to file a provided personal financial statement and full Federal Income Tax returns for the last 2 years you filed taxes. (e.g. 2019 & 2020)
  • Additional Information About Studio Needs/ Preferences: We will try to accommodate your preferences to ensure that your studio is the best space for your specific practice. For example, do you need a studio with or without windows?

Phase 3: Selected Artists Move In
Accepted finalists will view available studios and fill out all required membership paperwork in order to take possession of their new studio spaces at EFA Studios by May 1, 2021.

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